Honor Roll Assemblies

 Honor Roll Assembly Schedule
Honor Roll and Attendance Assembly schedule will be as follows during the first
15 minutes of class for the following grade levels:


Quarter 1, November 8, 2016

8:10am-8:25am 8th Grade

9:10am-9:25am 7th Grade

10:05am-10:20am 6th Grade



Quarter 2, January 26, 2017

8:10am-8:25am 6th Grade 

9:10am-9:25am 8h Grade 

10:05am-10:20am 7th Grade


Quarter 3, April 12, 2017

8:10am-8:25am 7th Grade 

9:10am-9:25am 6th Grade 

10:05am-10:20am 8th Grade