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Local Employer Hires Business Pathway Students

A local business owner called Mrs. Riddle in the Business Pathway asking for some help finding one or two students who would be willing to work part-time in her business. Mrs. Riddle made the announcement in her afternoon classes and was surprised to get an email from the business owner less than 12 hours later reporting that three students had contacted her. After interviewing the students, the employer sent another email with this information:

I just wanted to give you an update on the interviews. They were all wonderful! All three of them were early, dressed up, gave great handshakes and made eye contact. Plus all of them could hold a conversation and were very eager. So, I offered all three of them the job. Please don't announce the job anymore; I may be tempted to employ the entire school!

Employability skills are foundational in every class in the Business Pathway. These three students are shining examples of six qualities that impressed this employer:

  • Show up early
  • Dress up
  • Great handshake
  • Make eye contact
  • Hold a conversation
  • Very eager

Bravo and good luck with your new job!









 Bravo and good luck with your new job!