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It's Idit-a-read Time

It's Idit-A-Read time! Please start keeping track of the minutes you are reading and help us reach Nome in the Month of March. The Big Lake Elementary Idit-A-Read race has begun. Two calendars were sent home last week to help you keep track of the minutes you read at home for the month of March. One calendar is for the students to record their reading minutes and must be initialed by the parents and the second calendar is for the parents to record their reading minutes and please have your child initial that calendar to verify for the teacher. The Calendars will be turned in on Thursdays to the classroom teacher who will record the minutes for the Idit-A-Read team to mark the trail. Students and classrooms can earn prizes along the trail for all the hard work they put into reading. Follow the trail with the Dr. Seuss Characters in the hallways of our school to see how the students, parents and classrooms are doing and most of all just keep on reading!!!!