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This Saturday may be the start of the famous Iditarod race in Willow but at Big Lake Elementary we are reading our way to Nome on the Idit-A-Read Trail. Our trip began on Tuesday March 1st. Your child’s teacher sent home calendars and information regarding this month long reading incentive program. If you need another calendar please just contact your child’s teacher and one will be sent home for you.

Boys and girls, Moms and Dads,

Please, please don’t look so sad. 

It’s Idit-A-Read time again so grin ear to ear.

That makes it a wonderful time of year.

 We have prizes and treats along the trail

To help you along as you open your sail.

 Just get out those books and read, read, read!

Write it on the calendars, a pencil is all you need.

Nome is our goal and we won’t stop till we get there. 

Read, and then read some more,

just like a Big Lake Elementary grizzly bear.