Software: Curriculum Support/Access

Software is listed by company. Feel free to go to the company website for more detailed information about specific software programs.
Looking for Words
Picture Cue Dictionary
Show Me Math
Crick Software
Clicker 5
Planet Wobble reading series
Clicker 5 Find Out & Write About:
   -Natural Disasters
   -The Human Body
   -Ocean Life
   -Animals of Cold Lands
   -Life Cycles
Clicker Animations
Clicker Paint
Edmark Reading (Levels 1 & 2)
Edmark Let's Go Read: An Island Adventure
Edmark Let's Go Read: An Ocean Adventure
Edmark Mighty Math Carnival Countdown
Edmark Mighty Math Number Heroes
Edmark Millie's Math House
Edmark Words Around Me
Simon Sounds It Out (Stage 1)
Ukandu Little Books: On a Green Bus
Ukandu Little Books: A Day at Play
Ukandu Little Books: Out and About
Word Maker
Writing with Symbols 2000
Freedom Scientific
Wynn Reader (without scanning)
Wynn Wizard (with scanning)
Balanced Literacy
Classroom Suite 4
Hands on Concepts: Animal Habitats
Hands on Concepts: Hungry Shark
Math: Number Concepts 1
Math: Math Pad Plus
Reading: Animal Habitats Story Kits
Ready-Made Curriculum Activities: Primary Literacy 3
Storytime Just for Fun
Switch It Bundle
Switch It Early Math
Web Activity Exchange Sampler and Training Materials
Overlay Maker
Boardmaker (v. 6)
Boardmaker Plus
Boardmaker Player
Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro
Boardmaker Add-Ons:
   -Learning My ABC's
   -Boardmaker Building Blocks: Math
   -Boardmaker Building Blocks: Reading
   -Main Street: Community Science
   -Cooking Up Fun
   -From the Classroom to the Workplace
   -Tell a Joke
   -Yuichi's Games
Boardmaker Curriculum Companions:
   -Community: Faces and Places
   -Amazing Animals
Beyond Boardmaker Plus
Boardmaker Plus: Sample Boards and Templates
Teaching By Design with Boardmaker
Five Finger Typist
Speaking Dynamically Pro
Writing Activities for Speaking Dynamically Pro
Creature Capers
Creature Chorus
Creature Features
Creature Magic
Natural Soft
Natural Reader
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Soft Touch
Away We Ride 1
Away We Ride 2
I Know American History
My Own Bookshelf
My Own Bookshelf: The Animal Kingdom
My Own Bookshelf: The Nature Series
My Own Bookshelf: The Magic Bookshelves
My Own Bookshelf: Natural Disasters
Old Mac's Farm Deluxe
Old Mac's Farm Deluxe Overlays
Switching on Science: Earth
Switching on Science: Habitats
Switching on Science: Solar Systems
The Rodeo
Teach Me, Score Me
Last Modified on September 23, 2015