Software: Cause & Effect / Scanning

Software is listed by company. Feel free to go to the company website for more detailed information about specific software programs.

Inclusive TLC:
Big Bang
Switch Skills 1
Switch Skills for 2: Set 1
Choose and Tell: Nursery Rhymes
Choose and Tell: More Nursery Rhymes
Choose and Tell: Legends
Choose and Cook
ChooseIt! Maker 2
K-1 Kaleidoscope
Making Sense with Words
Megamix CD
Target and Touch: Music (touchscreen only)
Target and Touch: Patterns (touchscreen only)
Touch Funfair (touchscreen only)
Touch Games (touchscreen only)
Touch Games 2 (touchscreen only)
Judy Lynn Software:
Cause & Effect: Amusement Park
Cause & Effect: Factory
Look & Listen (slideshow)
Pick and Choose
Desktop Maker
Virtual Motor Skills
Match Maker plus Quiz Creator
Wheel of Sounds
Scan and Paint
Learning 2-Switch Step Scanning
Switch Accessible Boombox
In Sequence: Daily Living Skills
In Sequence: Illustrated Stories
Story Builder
Animated Toys


Single Switch Games 2 (with Safe at Last)
Switch Arcade
Switch Kids
Switch Wars
RJ Cooper
Early and Advanced Switch Games

Soft Touch

Attention Getter
Attention Teens
Teen and Tunes Plus
Switch in Time
Switch Ensemble
Switch Jam
Super Switch Hitter
Switch Lanes
Last Modified on September 19, 2016