Skeletons in a Box
 Bison in a Box Kits
bison skeleton  
Wood bison project started in January 2014 when two wood bison were culled from the herd by Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  Students in Mat-Su Career & Technical's Alaska Wildlife and Culinary classes learned first hand how to field dress, butcher, salvage edible meat and process the bones to create a portable skeleton kit that can be articulated with just rubber bands and a little hot glue.  One kit will stay at CTHS to be loaned out to schools while the second one will go north to the villages were the wood bison will be released.  With each kit comes a manual that contains information about the wood bison restoration program, lesson plans, diagrams all the bones, shows how to assemble the stand and articulate the skeleton. 
This project is sponsored by Alaska Safari Club, Outdoor Heritage Foundation, Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Toshiba America Foundation. 
Besides the wood bison skeleton CTHS has other skeletons that can be checked out for educational purposes that include:
3 moose
2 wolves
2 black bears
1 lynx 
black bear        wolf    
                                                                                   Black Bear                                                                                           Wolf
lynx        moose
                                                                                       Lynx                                                                                                      moose
bear 1        lynx 1       wolf 1
Skeleton in a Box kits started in 2003 when Tim Lundt, science teacher at Burchell High School received a grant from Alaska Department of Fish and Game to create 6 portable kits ( 2 moose, 2 wolves and 2 black bears).  These kits have been articulated by hundreds of students over the years as a way to learn about Alaska wildlife, anatomy  and the differences between animals.   Since then students at Mat-Su Career & Technical HS created a third moose kit, lynx kit and now 2 wood bison kits.
The kits can be checked out by any organization as long as the organization agrees to:
  • return the skeletons within 2 weeks unless approved by Tim Lundt
  • all glue is removed from the bones
  • bones returned to the correct containers
  • don't write anything on the bones
  • replace hot glue sticks, and rubber bands 
  • leave all bolts in the stand
  • make sure tools, glue gun and manuals are returned to each box
  • if any bones are broken please note and inform Tim Lundt once the boxes are returned
If you are interested in checking out the kits contact Tim Lundt at CTHS at 352-0433.
Last Modified on September 21, 2014