Applications for School Year 2017 and Beyond

Q: Is my child eligible to apply?
A: Yes! We are a public school. All students attending American Charter Academy need to believe and accept the mission, curriculum and educational program provided at American Charter Academy.  We have an application process including a two step conference process.  Learn more about our school and how to apply for enrollment.
Q:  When do current students fill out the "Intent to Return Form"?
A:  The Intent to Return Orientation will be held in the spring each year.  The form is to be submitted by advertised deadline each year. 
Q:  When can new to the school students apply?
A:  Applications are being submitted now with conferences being scheduled as quickly as possible.  If you are listed on our waiting list, it is valid for the current year.  In the spring, new applications need to be filled out and submitted.  We will hold a New Student Orientation and, if there are more applications than spaces, we will fill the spaces by lottery, as required by law. 
Q:  Are there still spaces available for new students?
A:  Yes, we still have a few spaces depending on the area. 

Call 352-0150 for more information.