Burchell High School
1775 W Parks Hwy

At Burchell High School, we inspire students to strive for academic success, to be resilient and overcome adversity, and to flourish in a creative, safe, and diverse learning environment. We provide HOPE through education.
ropesBurchell is a community school in the Mat-Su Borough School District. Classes are offered on a quarterly basis. In addition to our regular class schedule, we offer after school courses, a summer school program through the 21st Century Learning Center, and online credit recovery courses through our AdvancePath program. With the largest percentage of Alaska Native and American Indian students in the school district, Burchell strives to be a diverse and culturally responsive place.  

A safe learning environment and mutual respect are hallmarks of Burchell High School. To keep our school safe, Burchell has zero tolerance for fighting. Like all schools in the District, Burchell is a closed campus. We have partnerships with outside agencies that provide in-house services such as mental health counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, and medical services. We also have a Project AWARE counselor in what is known as the Haven, a specified area for students to seek mental health services, or simply decompress so they can reset their efforts in the classrooms. 
Burchell is focused on academic success. Through technology we offer classes and resources in a variety of formats, tailored to the needs of each learner. Burchell features the only certified ropes course in the district, offering Outdoor Recreations courses with a certified ropes instructor. At Burchell, creativity and diversity are nurtured and encouraged. We utilize what is known as Restorative Justice for discipline issues. We believe that students do better in an environment that helps teach right from wrong, taking responsibility for our choices, and making amends for our wrongs. We want students in school, therefor, we have what is called the SERVE program, in which students give back to our school through school beautification projects, rather than out of school suspensions.
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Last Modified on April 20, 2017