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 Bus Transportation at American Charter Academy
American Charter Academy has a great bus transportation plan.  With the assistance of great bus drivers and a very helpful and creative District Transportation Director and Division, AMC is able to provide some level of transportation for just about every area of the Valley from Willow to Palmer, down Knik/Goose Bay Road to Hatcher's.
We make use of the Houston schools area bus system through a shuttle bus that brings students to AMC from Houston at the beginning of the day and, at the end of the day, takes them back to Houston to get on the appropriate bus to get home.

AMC has the same agreement with Wasilla High's area bus system.  There is a shuttle bus in the morning and afternoon.

Additionally, we have two buses that pick up and drop off students in areas not covered by the above.  We do not have time to provide door to door service.  We have set up group stops to support the most families in the safest and most efficient manner.