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Name: Mrs. McDonald 
Class Phone:  352-9128
Front Office Phone:  352-9100
I am so excited to be in the Primary Behavior Support Program Classroom. 
The best way to reach me is via email as I may not be able to answer the phone during the school day.  If you do call me, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.  If is an emergency, please call the front office.
I look forward to meeting all of my parents and working with you to make it the BEST year for your child.  Our goal is to get them ready for general education classes!  Miss Karisa, Miss Oksana, and myself will work hard to help your child reach their personal potential this school year!
For students that are struggling in reading, especially those that are 2 or more years behind in their reading skills I strongly, strongly, recommend you read to your child books that are at or above (but appropriate to their age) their GRADE level.  As you read, discuss the story, what's happening, what your thoughts are, and above all, just share the love of reading and sharing stories.  There are many reason I recommend this, but the top ones are as follows:
  • First, the students that I have had the most success with are those that became hooked on books.  Why read if you don't find it enjoyable?  Make it something that is fun, enjoyable, and they WILL READ!  Your focus should be just that, SHARING THE LOVE OF READING AND STORY TELLINGYou are tossing the bait out there trying to hook them!
  • Second, reading stories at your child's GRADE LEVEL (not reading level), will expose him/her to vocabulary that is at their GRADE LEVEL, as well as possibly give them books and stories they can share with their grade mates.
  • If we can get them to see books/reading as something enjoyable, they will begin to read on their own.

For those who struggle in math.  Play as many games as you can think of that will eventually require math.  My family plays a game called 9-hole, or sometimes golf, with two sets of cards.  We have spent countless hours playing, it involves simple math, a small amount of stratagey, but mostly luck! 

Below, please check out the resources  below:

PBS Video - Understanding Disabilities -- walk a mile in the shoes of a learning disabled child.
Scootpad~a great site for students to practice skills in math and reading.
Math is Fun~ a GREAT learning site dedicated to math, great games and homework help. Check out the following pages in Math is Fun:
   Math Trainer
to help speed up recall of math facts. 
   Money Master
is great for helping learn how to count money! 
   Analog and Digital Clocks Animation
shows time both ways
Fun Brain~fun site with games.
Star Fall~learning site dedicated to reading, great for our younger students
Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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